Essence Fine Art Gallery was born in 2019 from the desire to place in the town of Cortona - a location suspended between an exceptional historical heritage and a fervent intellectual vitality – a point of convergence among the most refined forms of contemporary art, aim that makes the Gallery an incomparable source of culture.

Innovation, elegance and contamination are the constituents of the philosophy of Essence Fine Art Gallery, here are in fact displayed – alongside the works of world-renowned masters – the artworks by young authors whose abilities are emerging vigorously within the intellectual panorama.

Essence Fine Art Gallery is a locus of personal enrichment and profound emotion: immediate is the reciprocity that establishes itself between admirer and compositions; immediate is the access to otherwise secret perspectives















Via Casali, 8 52044, Cortona, Italy
Mobile: +39 334 768 5048
Telephone: +39 0575 653 125